Applications of Smart Film

Applications of Smart Film
The applications of smart film are vast. It can be used anywhere there is glass. The
smart film can maintain the light intensity and filter out 99% of ultraviolet rays,
which are harmful to the human body and can accelerate the fading of furniture and
other items. Its advantages also extend to commercial settings Smart Glass technology, such as cinema
halls, living rooms, veranda windows, and balconies. It can also act as a projection
screen in commercial settings.

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For example, smart glass can be used as a display screen in rear projection. It can
be positioned on a glass wall and turn transparent when not in use กระจกประหยัดพลังงาน. It can also be
used as a partition in shower booths and toilets. In addition to enhancing the
functionality of these spaces, the smart film also reduces the inconvenience of
wearing dust-free clothes. Moreover, smart film can be installed in a variety of
settings, from offices to private homes.
Smart glass manufacturers are developing smart film to control heat, light, and
privacy. It is ideal for residential, commercial, and automotive applications. Its cost
varies with the film material and liquid crystals used in it. Other factors that
influence the price of smart glass include additional features. Smart films can be
quite expensive, which limits its use to higher-end applications and limits their
market growth. Smart films are becoming a must-have in modern office buildings.
Smart films are also used in store windows. They allow store owners to display
advertisements or product details. It also helps in advanced customer targeting.
Unlike rear projection film, smart films can be switched on and off. It is also able to
project high quality images over a wide area. Moreover, these films are compatible
with LCD projectors. This allows you to project your advertisement on both sides of
the window glass. It can help to reduce energy bills.

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PDLC technology is another method of creating switchable smart films. Here, liquid
crystals are dissolved in a polymer solution and solidified. The liquid crystals are
sandwiched between two layers of glass. The glass acts as an electrical capacitor
and aligns the crystals so that less light is permitted through the glass. The film’s
unique design makes it a great choice for windows. Aside from blocking solar heat,
the film also helps to reduce the transmission of UV rays.
Smart films can be installed on windows, as they can switch from frosted privacy
film to clear visibility. This feature is advantageous for businesses that need to be
private and don’t want their customers to know what’s going on inside the building.
Smart film manufacturers can offer competitive prices for Smart Glass Film. They
even provide complete kits that help you install the film. If you do not feel
comfortable doing the installation, they can also supply you with prewired kits for
your project.
PDLC smart films can be applied to existing windows without replacing the glass.
Unlike electrochromic glass, which requires electricity to transform, PDLC smart film
is applied to pre-existing glass. As such, it doesn’t require the replacement of the

glass. Intelligent Glass offers specialist switchable smart glass windows and self-
adhesive smart film. Intelligent Glass provides both applications, including

switchable smart glass windows and toughened glass.