Chinese Altar Table

Chinese Altar Table
Antique chinese altar table is made of fine wood and features fine carving 日本香堂. It is 35″ long and 16″
deep. Moreover, it measures 42″ long and has a depth of 16″ inches. The top of the altar table is
16″ inches deep. A good quality antique chinese altar table comes with a warranty and the seller
can ship it nationally or internationally. It can accommodate various fine arts.
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A Chinese altar table is made of two sliding drawers and is usually grand in size. It can hold
flower vases, offering plates, and a lot more. It is finished with brownish red lacquer. The aprons
and drawers are in a stylish style. It can be a great addition to your home. The size is also
suitable for hallways. However, you should consider the size of the altar table before purchasing
A chinese altar table is a classic centerpiece for the worship of the ancestors. This piece of
furniture is typically made of wood. It is often made of a solid, sturdy piece of furniture. Some of
these tables can measure up to twelve feet long. They have a low depth. A great chinese altar
table is an excellent foundation piece for any room. It can be a beautiful addition to the interior of
your home.

Chinese altar table
A Chinese altar table is one of the most beautiful and decorative items in any home. It has a lot
of details, and the top has dragon carvings on it. It is a unique piece in terms of size and
aesthetics. This is a very striking piece. The top has a rich patina and texture. The entire piece
has an appealing texture. In addition, the Chinese altar table has a very charming design.