The four pillars of the global energy crisis

The energy crisis is an issue, or rather, a problem that concerns us all. Worldwide we are experiencing a crisis in the supply of energy fundamentally due to four main causes , namely:

Use of oil as an energy source

  • Use of energy nonrenewable
  • Oil price rise
  • Global warming
  • Inequality in the distribution of energy resources

Today we basically depend on three major sources of energy: oil, gas and coal , but experts on the subject say that these could be finished in just 40 or 60 years. But if we add to this number that in the last three years the price of oil has tripled, we are talking about a real crisis.

In turn, these energy sources that we are talking about have caused dire and irreparable  environmental changes , which has been called global warming.

On the other hand, and as it happens in any order of things, inequality in access to these types of resources also gives us another idea of ​​the world panorama, since a third of the world’s population does not have access to electricity.

Next we will show you numbers that really scare you.

Did you know…

    • 91% of the energy consumed is not renewable
    • 36% of the world’s energy comes from oil
    • 85% of the world’s energy comes from oil, gas and coal (non-renewable resources)
    • 6% of the world’s energy comes from nuclear energy (non-renewable resource)
    • In 40-60 years, oil will run out
    • In 60 years the gas will run out
    • In 150 years the coal will run out
    • 2 million people in the world do not have access to electricity
  • Energy consumption per person is 10 times higher today than before the Industrial Revolution.