What You Didn’t Know About Diamonds

The diamonds are a symbol of wealth, charm, love and fidelity. Many have or want these gemstones but surely do not know what I will tell them next.

Star of Africa or Culliman

  • The largest diamond found so far is the Star of Africa or also called Culliman . At 3106 carats , about nine pieces of considerable size and 96 smaller ones were obtained from it. One of them can be found in nothing more and nothing less than in the center of the crown of British royalty.
  • Diamond production is estimated to be $ 8 billion per year .
  • In the city of Mirny in Siberia there was the largest mine of these precious stones. It was 1200 meters in diameter and 500 meters deep. It was abandoned in 2004.
  • But for curious people like you, I have another piece of information: the largest diamond mine is not found on planet earth but in the constellation of Centaurus, 50 light-years from our planet. The scientists who located it assure that it has about a thousand trillion carats of diamonds and about 4023 km in diameter. She is called BMP 37093 but astronomers often call her Lucy after the Beatles song “Music in the sky with diamonds” .
  • An American company has managed to create diamonds from the ashes of dead humans . So if you have between $ 4,000 and $ 22,000 you can wear a fabulous diamond ring made with human ashes.